Emily Jane Morgan is a Fashion, Portrait, and Product Photographer,  and One Pink Lady. Commercially, Emily is highly experienced in providing vibrant, creative content solutions and portraiture for a broad scope of clients, ranging from independent designers, small businesses and fashion brands, to larger corporations.

  • Based in the lively, and creative city of Norwich, available to work in London.


Master of Arts Photography, Norwich University of The Arts (2013-2015)
Ba Hons. Photography, Norwich University of The Arts (2010-2013)

Clients Including:
Nintendo UK,  Nintendo of Europe, Double Trouble Gang, Veronica Dearly, Conscious Candy Co. 

Emily's Personal Projects:

In her art, Emily envisions vibrant realms which balance precariously between fantasy and the fragility of the human condition, studying the friction between escapism and reality.

Her upcoming personal projects endeavor to explore the  individual and collective process of recovery and identity after  trauma; particularly regarding violence against women. This  visual enquiry aims to highlight survivors' voices and refocuses the conversation away from perpetrators, and instead on the survivor's journey. Emily invites collaboration from like-minded creatives and artists who would be interested in contributing to this long-term project.

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