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My research and photographic practice focus on my interest in the ways fantasy is used to convey hopes and fears for our collective future in the western world. From the conceptions of Tolkien’s Middle-Earth through to Roddenberry’s ‘Star Trek’, the fantastical provides a vehicle through which the human condition and our emotional states may be expressed and explored. With particular reference to ‘B Movie’ production values and Sci Fi aesthetics of the 1950s-1960s, I push these scenes further from our reality into a sense of the unfamiliar and unknown, through the application of a distinctive, unnatural colour palette and density.

These images of vibrant, desolate landscapes, where the narrative treads between sci-fi and fantasy yet are superficially visually light and entertaining, using the isolation of the characters to reveal a dystopian and melancholy undertone.

My aim is to engage the viewer in an open-ended narrative in which they are able to imagine events before and after the happening moment depicted in the photograph. This transportation to an unfamiliar, dystopian realm governed by fantasy provides a renewed and more progressive perspective of the ‘B Movie’ trope, particularly in relation to the representation of women.

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