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Nintendo Labo Workshop @ Nintendo UK

Welcome to my maiden blog post on my website! Before I get stuck in, I wanted to take a quick moment to introduce this blog as something which I know my followers have requested. You wanted to see what work I am getting up to, both in my image-making, gaming, and campaigning; and yes, all of those three things do converge quite often in my life!

I am really thrilled to kick this blog off with a corker of a post; documenting my visit with Instagram Ambassadors to Nintendo UK, where we all got to photograph and have a hands-on workshop with Nintendo Labo, for Nintendo Switch! b

Now, for the non-gamers in the room, allow me to translate; Nintendo Labo is a new concept brought out by Nintendo, whereby families construct new ways to play with unique cardboard (yes, cardboard) designs. Add the Nintendo Switch, and it brings your design to life through interactive gaming. Make a fishing rod, go fishin’. Build a Piano, and then make beautiful music together! It’s three core values are ‘Make, Play, Discover’; and that is the order which myself and Instagram ambassadors were introduced to Labo.

Here’s how we got stuck in, building the quickest project; the RC Cars, followed by giving them the personal touch!

After the making process, the group then proceeded to try out the different Labo ‘Toy Cons’ available to play throughout the showroom. These included all kinds of activities which showcased the versatility of the Switch console, and Toy Con designs.

Labo isn’t released in the UK/Europe until Friday 27th April, so I don’t want to give too much of the ‘discover’ aspects away, but I will say it is the most exciting aspect of the Labo experience, because it is quite literally what you make of it. You can customise as much or as little as you like; the software guides you fluidly through the making process, and has trouble-shooting too (so don’t panic if you bust a piano key, whilst playing chopsticks just that little bit too fierce!)

I’m incredibly thankful to have had the opportunity to meet this lovely family of Instagram Ambassadors, get hands-on with Nintendo’s latest brain-child, and shoot these creations.
If you have any exciting or creative adventures which require some vibrant documentation, you can contact me via my main website page. In the mean time, have a fabulous week!

E x

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